A New Building for St. Julie's

Planning has now been approved for the new building for St. Julie’s, built largely on our existing site at Woolton Village.

The development will allow us to provide twenty first century facilities for our students in a smart, attractive building that they can be proud of.

The new building makes the most of modern materials and design techniques in a style sympathetic to the heritage setting of Woolton. The design helps solve lots of the problems inherent in the current sprawling site, including rationalising different curriculum areas into grouped spaces and offering all of the resources we need in a more compact, environmentally friendly footprint.

Sustainable Features
270m2 Photovoltaic panels generating 34.4MWh of electricity
Air source heat pumps for heating and cooling
Control of solar gain using thermally efficient glazing
Naturally ventilated and day lit spaces wherever possible
Lighting control - absence and daylight dimming controls
Recycled materials incorporated into the landscape design
Highly efficient building services including LED lighting
U-values, air tightness levels and CO2 emission rate (20.4kgCO2/m2) all designed to exceed the latest Building Regulations.

Speaking shortly after the decision was announced, Headteacher Tim Alderman said:

"The children of Liverpool deserve the best education in the finest facilities. As a popular oversubscribed school we see this planning decision as an affirmation of the great work we do to encourage our students to develop into confident young women and men and make a positive contribution to society locally, nationally and across the globe."

The planning application has taken a long time as the plans include building on a half acre of green field, which represents just 5% of the field. The plans are for 90% of the school to be built on it's current site. The Trustees have expressed their desire to work with the council and make good this loss of space by giving 3 acres of privately owned woodland, part of Woolton Woods, to the council.

"The balance of risk was never in question - a £20 million energy-efficient, facility-rich, spacious and comfortable building for access to about a half acre (2,400sq.m) of green field, with the people of Liverpool gaining 5 times more land back as ancient woodland (12,250sq.m). Additionally, the footprint of the new school is smaller than the old building, meaning more open space is available on site for sport and recreation.

The new school had to be designed in this way because the main tower blocks and other buildings around the site are required for the continued operation of the school. None of these could be demolished to facilitate a different type of build plan. The site is constrained by it's boundaries and historic Grade 1 listed Woolton Hall. English Heritage are fully supportive of the proposal as it stands, as it moves any new building around 100 metres away from the Hall and improves the setting of this historic village heritage asset.

"Once the final plan of the new building was revealed in December the vast majority of the community have been supportive of this development, and as a school we’ll be working hard to try and consolidate the positive feeling with all members of our community, including those who have voiced concerns over the proposal. St Julie's was founded by the Sisters of Notre Dame in Liverpool in 1851 so we have a long heritage to celebrate. We have been in Woolton Village since the 1950s and are an integral part of this community."

We will update the website as the plans develop.