Liverpool Counts Quality Mark

St. Julie's are proud to be taking part in the 'Liverpool Counts Quality Mark' numeracy pilot programme.

The scheme aims:

Over the coming year we will be looking at different ways to show pupils that numeracy skills are used consistently in everyday life.

Did you see this article in our Spring Newsletter?


Making Numeracy Count!


We've long known that numeracy is a vital skill that impacts on many aspects of our lives, and that's why we strive to ensure that lessons right across the curriculum present and develop opportunities for exploring maths. St. Julie's is a member of the pilot scheme for the 'Liverpool Counts' numeracy initiative, and we're supporting this with a range of exciting new strategies.

We've introduced 'Rainbow Maths' with a specific view to sharpening mental arithmetic for our Key Stage 3 students. Alongside this we're running regular 'Numeracy Ninja' problems delivered by form tutors in morning registration. These activities involve short but very intense problems in a strictly controlled time limit. The number confidence instilled in students right across the curriculum means that Maths lessons can be more challenging and rewarding. With the depth available in the Dynamic Learning curriculum and the associated on line activities and support we can stretch our brightest students and support our least confident learners to ensure that every student can realise their full potential.

We're growing our maths community beyond our school as well! We're doing some fantastic work in collaboration with our primary schools to ensure a seamless continuity of Maths teaching, and we're also enjoying the support of a major Corporation with our strategic partnership with banking giant Lloyds.

Primary Workshops


Our hugely popular primary outreach programme at St. Julie's gives us a great chance to explore numeracy with some younger students. Here are some photos from a recent visit.

Numeracy for Life


The National Numeracy Challenge is an interactive site that helps adults learn maths needed for everyday life.

Key Dates

4th April – Grand National

Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 were all involved in our ‘Grand National’ Day! Pupils in Year 7 and 8 worked in pairs to obtain sample space diagrams based on the roll of a dice in our Horse Racing game.
Years 10 and 11 tried to predict the winner of this years Grand National by applying William Hartston’s mathematical formula.

26th/27th May – Premier League

Years 7, 8 and 9 will all be involved in using formulae to calculate how many points/games are needed for individual teams to win the league.

17th June – Maths Party Day

Our Numeracy Ambassadors will be involved in helping the maths department to deliver a range of activities across all year groups.


11th – 15th May – Maths Olympics

All year groups will be involved in a variety of sports based maths activities during this week. Numeracy Ambassadors will also be giving a helping hand.


Numeracy Abassadors



We are pleased to announce we have chosen the following pupils to act as Numeracy Ambassadors across Years 7 to 13.

Year 13 – Laura Trueman

Year 12 – Charlotte Kewn

Year 11 – Megan Lester, Annie Heritage

Year 10 – Emily Walker

Year 9 – Holly Gallagher

Year 8 – Emily Dinely, Hannah Spence

Year 7 – Lucy white

16/5/16: Dragon’s Den


Pupils from Year 9 are involved in a Dragon’s Den completion. They will be working in small groups and competing against other schools as well as pupils in their year group. Their task is to design a maths board game or app. They will then be pitching their ideas to ‘The Maths Dragons’!

Details of your game/app should be submitted by the children on no more than two pages of A4 (including images/photos) by 12 noon on Tuesday 14th June.

Shortlisted teams will be invited to the Dragon’s Den Final on Monday 27th June at Toxteth Annexe!

Problems of the Week


Do you fancy stretching your maths muscles? Why not have a go at some of the problems of the week that we've been looking at this term?


17/5/16 Year 10 Mathematics Enrichment: "MATHAMAGIC"


Year 10 students will be attending a marvellous mathematics enrichment day on Wednesday 6th July 2016
The day will involve:

• A newly designed problem-solving trail around the mathematics department

• Workshops by leading mathematics presenters, designed to capture the imagination of students with the potential to progress on to sixth-form mathematics courses

• A presentation by Dr Colin Wright, the renowned maths juggler and raconteur

• A unique Mathamagic Competition in mixed school groups

18/5/16 I Used Maths Today!


This week staff shared experiences of how they used Maths/Numeracy in either their everyday life or work life. Here are some of their experiences:

Useful websites


The school subscribes to both mymaths and Dynamic Learning!


The MyMaths resources are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from school or from home.

Your child will be able to access their homework set by their teacher and get instant results by logging in to the online student portal at home. Log-in details are available from class teachers.


Dynamic Learning


Your child can log in directly into Dynamic Learning to access homework or consolidate work done during lessons. Log-in details are available from class teachers.