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Information, Advice and Guidance: FE/HE/Apprenticeships and Employment

FE or HE?HE or FE ? Or maybe you want to enter into employment ? The choice is yours! Have a look at some of the following sites and you’ll soon be in the know about your options after St Julie’s...

Advice on Higher Education

Further Education Colleges

Work Based Learning

Does the thought of applying to University terrify you ? Panic no more! The following site tells you EVERYTHING you need to know about the application process. If you’re still not sure which is the best course for you, then take a look at – it lets you compare courses and see what previous students have said about them.

This link shows a flow chart demonstrating the process of an application, while this link shows more what about UCAS is and what it does. Parents might also like to check out the UCAS Parents guide.

Coins‘Money makes the world go around’ so the song says... so are you clued up about finance ? Do you know the different options available to you for financial help at University?

You might want to read this helpful advice about the biggest costs of going to university and how to minimise them.

For general careers advice, the following sites are invaluable!

Cruise ShipIf you’re tired of living and working in the UK then the world truly is your oyster. The following links can direct you pretty much anywhere in the world – why not have a look and see if a Gap Year is something you’d like to try?

Study Abroad & Gap Years

We all have different types of relationships with people and sometimes there might be issues that you need to talk through but don’t know who to turn to. Additionally, there may be health issues you have questions on but are too embarrassed to ask about.So, for information on health and relationships, check out the following websites:

Careers in Medicine and the Law