Latest Careers Updates!

13/3/20: NHA Apprenticeships

Check here for a link to current Apprenticeships at all levels in the NHS.

13/3/20: Updated student guide to Apprenticeships

Amazing apprenticeships have updated their Interactive Student Guide for 2020, which is available here.

10/3/20: Edge Hill Taster Days

The latest list of subject taster days from Edge Hill University are available here. Be aware that Health and Social Care days include Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Professionals.

6/3/20: Health Care LIVE - Adult Social Work

NHS careers live are putting out a short live webcast on Friday 13th March at 11am. You can watch live or on catch up here.

4/3/20: Apprenticeship 2020 Guide Published

The latest apprenticeship guide for 2020 from ratemyapprenticeship has been puiblished and is available online.

4/3/20: Police Officer Degree Apprenticeships in Merseyside

Merseyside Police have having a recruitment drive with degree apprenticeship opportunities available.

4/3/20: Business Degree Apprenticeships (London)

Pearson and BaxterStorey are both recruiting apprentices at the moment that will lead to business degrees. They could mean a move to London, Milton Keynes or Oxford.

26/2/20: What Career Live!

The What Career Live show is a very big deal in the world of careers and a brilliant opportunity to get more information. Visit the site here.

26/2/20: Get Into Theatre

For a breakdown of different careers in the theatrical industry and advice on all things theatre, check out 'Get Into Theatre'.

25/2/10: Amazing Apprenticeships Parent Pack

The parent pack for February from Amazing Apprenticeships is now available from their site.

25/2/20: 'How To Become' Guides

If you know a specific career that you want to access you might find the 'Success at School how to become...' guides a very useful resource.

25/2/20: Parental Careers Resource

Parents and carers might wish to sign up to the 'Success at School' mailing list to get targeted careers guidance.

25/2/20: Open Days Website

This handy website lets you browse University open days either by date or by organisation. Well worth a visit!

13/2/20: Edge Hill Subject Taster Days

Edge Hill University are running a series of subject taster days as listed below. Contact to book on to any of the days.

Psychology and Social Sciences - 25/03/2020
English - 26/03/2020
Medicine - 26/03/20
Geography and Geology - 01/04/2020
Sport - 01/04/20
Biosciences - 02/04/2020
Health and Social Care - 28/04/2020
Computer Science - 03/06/2020
Geography & Geology Olympiad - 18/06/2020
Biology Olympiad - 18/06/2020
Health and Social Care - 18/06/20

13/2/20: Careers in Utilties and Energy

Electric cars need lots of electricity, and who will fit the distribution networks? Maybe you! Check out the careers in utilities and energy guide from 'success at school'.

12/2/20: Work Experience Opportunities with PwC

Insight week programmes with auditing giants PwC are a great opportunity for Year 12 students, but applications are closing very, very soon!

06/2/20: New Apprenticeship Opportunities Across Multiple Sectors

Applications are currently being considered for Apprenticeship opportunities within the Oil and Gas sector with OGTAP, in Accountancy with the National Audit Office, in Engineering with Atkins and in Finance and Management with food giant Nestle.

27/1/20: McDonalds Extend Degree Apprenticeships

The McDonald's Management Degree Apprenticeship that we've previously alerted you to in these pages has now been extended to the 20th March 2020. Find out more here.

21/1/20: Taster Days in NHS Careers

The NHS Inspiring Young Minds programme have published their list of taster days for this year. These days are open mainly to Year 12 and 13 students on the condition that they are available on those dates (if in term time) and have permission to attend from their Year Head.

Year 11 students may wish to attend providing the dates are after they have completed their GCSE examinations in June.

Any students who wishes to apply for a place on the Taste of The NHS programme must be available for the full five-day session and only if it takes place during a half-term. There are only 5 places allocated to Saint Julie's, so it will be on a first come : first served basis. 

If any student wishes to attend, please give your name to Mrs Mannings, via their Form Tutor. 

Inspiring Young Minds Programme of Events 2020

Science Open day

This will run twice a year, there will be 30 places on each session. The day will consist of half day of talks from some of our scientists and half a day touring the labs.

Monday 9th March 2020

Monday 12th October 2020


 Aspiring Medics Day

This is a one day programme inviting students from local schools to come in and hear from a wide range of doctors about their experiences of becoming a doctor and the work that they do now.

Friday 24th April 2020

Monday 28th September 2020


 Nursing Career Day

This is a one day programme inviting students from local schools to come in and hear from a wide range of nursing specialities.

Monday 11th May 2020

Monday 16th November 2020


 Allied Health Professional Career Day

This is a one day programme inviting students from local schools to come in and hear from a wide range of Allied Health Professionals e.g. Radiographers, Physiotherapists, Therapies etc.

Monday 8th June 2020


Dentistry Open Day

This is a one day programme inviting students from local schools to come in and hear from a wide range of Dentistry specialities.

Monday 13th July 2020


Wider Team Careers

This is a one day programme inviting students from local schools to come in and hear from a wide range of non-clinical careers in the NHS

Thursday 3rd December 2020


Taste of the NHS programme

17th – 21st February 2020

6th – 10th July 2020

26th -30th October 2020


14/01/20: Aviation Live from Gatwick Airport

If you're interested in a career in the Aviation Sector you might be interested in a live careers broadcast from Gatwick Airport on Tuesday 4th February. More info here (you might need to scroll down!). 

09/1/20: Andrew Collinge Training Open Evenings

Andrew Collinge are hosting some open evenings so you can find out more about their Hairdressing Apprenticeship programmes. You'll need to register in advance, and let them know beforehand if you can't make it. More info here.

12/12/19: Careers with Merseyside Police

From 2020 Merseyside Police are making Policing a graduate profession, with an attractive starting salary and learning opportunities. Find out more here.

20/11/19: Gap Year Brochures

We're not promoting this particular provider, and other gap year organisations are available, but there are some useful brochures here.

20/11/19: Do you want to be a journalist?

If you're interested in a career in Journalism be sure to have a look at this really useful resource.

19/11/19: Edge Hill University Open and Taster Days

You might want to diary some of the forthcoming open and taster days for Edge Hill University. Some of the dates are as follows:

Subject Taster Days

Sport  - 20/11/19
Biosciences - 27/11/19
Business - 28/11/19
Education and Teaching  - 05/12/19
Sport - 01/04/2020
Biosciences - 02/04/2020
Biology Olympiad - 19/06/2020

Open Days

Saturday 23rd November 2019
Saturday 13th June 2020
Saturday 15th August 2020

You can book a taster day by emailing

18/11/19: Could you be a Police Cadet?

The Police Cadet scheme is a one year volunteer programme open to Year 12 students, and offers an excellent preparation for a career in the Police Force or as a stand alone experience. More info here.

14/11/19: Amazing Apprenticeships November Parent Pack

The latest parent pack from Amazing Apprenticeships has now been published.

14/11/19: Apprenticeships with BT

Applications are now open for apprenticeship positions with telecoms giant, BT. Find out more here.

07/11/19: Moving On Magazine

For an interesting read on all things careers, check out the online 'Moving On' magazine.

04/11/19: Management Degree Apprenticeships with McDonalds

If you like the idea of ground up training in the restaurant business with a Management Degree then take a look at this opportunity with McDonalds. Degree study is at Manchester Met.

04/11/19: Flying Start Degrees with PwC

Financial giant PwC are promoting their 'Flying Start' Technology Degree programmes that let you earn while you learn. There are some restrictions on locations, but you can learn more here.

19/09/19 Amazing Apprenticeships Parent Pack

The September pack from Amazing Apprenticeships is now available.

17/09/19 Edge Hill University Taster Days

Edge Hill University have published details of their taster days which are free for students to attend but you will need to register online first. All the details can be found here.

21/06/19 Amazing Apprenticeships Parent Pack

The June parent pack from Amazing Apprenticeships is now available.

19/06/19 Easyjet Level 3 Cabin Crew Apprenticeship

EasyJet are advertising Apprenticeship opportunities for cabin crew. You'll need to be 18 or over, and be aware that the job is based in and around London Gatwick. More info here.

16/05/19 All About Apprenticeships Parent Pack

The May Parent Pack from All About Apprenticeships is now available for download.

08/05/19 Money Saving Expert gives perspective on Student Loans

Martin Lewis - the 'Money Saving Expert' - weighs in with some interesting perspectives on managing student loans.


Aspiring Lawyers may be interested in a new partnership between the Lawyer Portal and Vantage that can give exclusive access to opportunities such as work experience, open days and legal apprenticeships. More info here.


The April Parents' Pack from Amazing Apprenticeships is now available for download.


For those interested in pursuing animal care or veterinary careers, weekend volunteering positions are available at Acorn Farm.

21/03/19: Updated Parents Pack From Amazing Apprenticeships

The updated parent pack can be found here.

Ongoing: Target Careers Guide To Your Future

Check out the latest guide from Target Careers full of useful guidance for your future.

7/2/19: Medic and Lawyer Portals

If you're interested in careers in Medicine or the Law then both of these sites are must visits:

25/01/19: Amazing Apprenticeships Parent Pack

You can download the January parent pack all about apprenticeships here.

08/01/19: Guidance Pack from the Lawyer Portal

You can download the guide to careers in the law for 14-18 years published by the Lawyer Portal here.

14/12/18: Amazing Apprenticeships Parent Pack

You can download the December parent pack all about apprenticeships here.

Updated DAILY: Higher And Degree Apprenticeship Vacancy List

This list is updated daily with new opportunities and maintained by the Government. You can always find the latest list on this page.

06/12/18: Target Careers Degree Explorer

Target Careers have updated their 'Degree Explorer' - a 20 minute questionnaire that aims to help students choose the right degree courses based on their interests, aspirations and abilities. You can find the questionnaire here (free registration required)

29/11/18: Amazing Apprenticeships Parent Pack

You can download the November parent pack all about apprenticeships here.

09/11/18: Guidance on Veterinary Science

We'd like to say a big thank you to former St. Julie's student Niamh Fowler who is currently studying at the Royal Veterinary College in London. She has authored the following helpful advice for people wanting to apply for veterinary science and for those seeking work experience. Thanks Niamh!

05/11/18: Apprenticeships Parent Resource 

'Amazing Apprenticeships' have published the first in a series of resources, a resource pack for parents.


Updated DAILY: Wondering about your future career? 

Unsure what to do? Check out this link.


The following articles are from 'Target Careers' material:

Alternatives to university and what they involve

For some students undertaking a degree at university may not be the most suitable route for the career they would like to achieve in the future. In day 4 of National Careers Week we take a look at alternatives to university what these involve.

What are degree apprenticeships?

Degree apprenticeships involve gaining a university degree while you work. This is usually a bachelors degree (a level 6 qualification), though in a few cases you will get a masters degree (a level 7 qualification). It’s a great way to get a degree and extensive workplace experience while avoiding university debt, though on the flip side the course will be chosen by the employer and participants will need to balance work and study.

What are higher apprenticeships?

Higher apprenticeships are similar to degree apprenticeships, though the qualifications you work towards are usually a little below bachelors degree level. For example, you might gain a level 4 qualification such as an HNC or an NVQ level 4, or a level 5 qualification such as an HND or foundation degree.

What are graduate apprenticeships? 

Graduate apprenticeships are run in Scotland and are similar to degree apprenticeships and higher apprenticeships. They combine paid work with university study and can lead to qualifications ranging from an HND to a masters degree, depending on the particular programme.

What are sponsored degrees?

There are two types of sponsored degree. One is effectively just a different, older name for a degree apprenticeship – that is, a programme on which an employee will work for their employer, study for a degree part-time and have their tuition fees paid for them.

The other is an arrangement by which an employer provides limited financial support to students who have gone to university in the normal way and are studying a subject that relates to the employer’s business.

What are school leaver programmes?

The term school leaver programme is quite generic. It describes programmes that combine earning and learning – and with tuition fees covered by the employer – but there is no need for the content to fit a particular framework. You might see the term used to describe a scheme that is technically an apprenticeship, or as a catch-all for all earning-and-learning opportunities open to school leavers.

However, in practice it is quite often used by employers in accountancy and related areas who take students after their A levels or equivalent and put them through an extensive programme of work and study designed to qualify them as chartered accountants. 

To find out more about the alternatives to university, take a look at our work vs uni page here.


Careers that require a specific degree subject


For some careers it is important that you have a degree in a specific discipline and below we have given some examples of these.



You usually need an engineering degree. There are a few opportunities for those with closely related degrees, eg maths, physics and materials science.

Medicine, nursing, dentistry and related fields 

You need a degree in the relevant subject to pursue a career in any of the above specialisms. For example, medicine (doctor), nursing (nurse) osteopathy (osteopath) and so on.


Undergraduate qualifications include sciences, applied sciences and related degrees. Maths is also a valuable degree for some scientific careers, particularly those related to physics or engineering.

Veterinary science 

You will need a degree in veterinary science.

Careers that you can do with any degree subject

In other cases having a specific degree is not necessary and below are some examples of careers where it does not necessarily matter what you study.




You can enter accountancy with any degree subject, but employers will look for a proven ability with numbers and may seek a set number of UCAS points. Good grades are key at A level and degree level and some employers may favour some higher education institutions over others.


For technical roles, many employers require an IT degree (eg computer science). A subject that involves lots of maths may be accepted and some employers accept a postgraduate conversion course. However, some graduates make it in without any of these. 


Non-law graduates need to undertake a one-year conversion course after university. There are also essential postgraduate qualifications. High academic achievement is valued throughout, so you will need to obtain a 2.1 or a first in your degree and conversion course. 

Retail banking, insurance and actuarial 

You can typically get into retail banking with any degree subject. Some insurance jobs are open to all graduates but others aren’t. If you want to be an actuary you’ll usually need a degree that includes a lot of maths. 

Supply chain and logistics 

There are opportunities for graduates from any degree programme, but some employers may require a degree in engineering, logistics or supply-chain management depending on the role you are applying for.


Any degree is accepted, but it is sensible to study for a degree in a subject that you may wish to teach later on. Normally you will also require a postgraduate teacher training qualification before you can start work. You may also be asked to undertake literacy and numeracy tests before you are allowed into the profession.

To find out more about where degree subjects can lead, please take a look at our degree subject guides section here.

Degree subjects and pay

The Office for National Statistics’ Graduates in the UK Labour Market 2013 report looked at the incomes of those who held an undergraduate degree by which subject they had studied. These figures include all undergraduate degree holders, not just recent graduates. From highest to lowest, the ranking was:

1. medicine
2. engineering
3. physical and environmental sciences
4. architecture
5. maths and computer science
6. languages
7. social sciences and law
8. business and finance
9. education

10. agricultural sciences
11. biological sciences
12. humanities
13. subjects related to medicine
14. technology
15. linguistics, English and classics
16. arts
17. media and information studies.

The highest average salary (medicine) was £46,000. The lowest (media and information studies) was £21,000.

Which degree subjects are best for graduate employment?

Each year UK universities contact their former students six months after they have graduated to find out what they are doing – for example working, studying for a further qualification or searching for work. This is known as the Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) survey.

For example, graduates with degrees in computer science or related subjects are consistently the group with the highest unemployment level – this has been the case in DLHE surveys going back a number of years. The 2015 survey asked those who graduated in 2014 what they were doing six months later and found that:

Careers with skills shortages

The UK Visa Bureau’s shortage occupations list is a helpful starting point to find out about careers with skills shortages. Its actual purpose is to inform UK employers and potential immigrants what jobs can be filled by workers from outside the EU, but the information is useful to anyone interested in skills shortages.
Jobs on the list include:

Another source is the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES)’s Employer Skills Survey, which is conducted every two years. This contains less information about specific jobs with shortages, but gives a broad-brush view of the situation in different industries and at different levels.

To find out more, please take a look at our UK job market guide.